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Find the most professional site for Brakes, Tyre & Clutch repair South East London

Renowned for absolute professionalism, quality, and attention to detail in all aspects, Micks Garage is an independent and leading South East London car repair center. With service-centric and customer focus our Garage offers customer parking, MOT servicing, Brakes repair, clutch repair, latest spray booth technology, Tyres South East London, combined with commercial booth provides clients with the complete one-stop solution for car repairing. Mick’s Garage strives to invest and exceed all customer expectations. Always forward-thinking and innovative, the business has eliminated disagreement and implemented new thinking processes, new technology, new rules to provide superior car repairs and procedures to ensure we have a solution and know our customer’s desire. We are famous in South East London for the following:

Offers valuable Repair Process

At the start of every repair journey, we collect as much information as possible about the incident circumstances to enable us to triage the repair and deploy it as quickly as possible to the most efficient and effective repair solution, keeping you informed at each step along the way.

We repeatedly devote to technology

Understanding our customer needs and expectations, Micks Garage continues to invest in people, training, manufacturer software, repair, and management processes combined with the very latest in repair technology. Provide you with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee for the remaining period of ownership of the vehicle.

Ongoing quality control

On-going quality control is mandatory. Repairs are safe at Micks Garage and our corporate social responsibility remains sound, as a result of our ongoing training program, factory support, or manufacturer’s support, coupled with continuous investment in our facilities.

  • A repairer that is totally focused on absolute quality and safety of repairs
  • Total customer dedication and one that prides itself on achieving outstanding results
  • A repairer that has advanced technical expertise and understanding

We believe in delivering uncompromising quality whilst providing an exceptional level of service for all of our customers.

Here at Micks Garage, we specialise in car repairs in South East London. We provide a range of services which are listed below.

1. Car Repairs South East London

We at Micks Garage carry out car repairs for all models of vehicles at our garages in South East London, whether it be a routine check or a head gasket replacement, we understand that keeping your vehicle on the road is very important to people.

  • Diagnostic fault finding
  • Engine management
  • Safety checks of  Brakes South East London
  • Exhausts and catalytic converters
  • Clutch repairs South East London
  • Engine repairs – Head gaskets, timing belts & water pumps

If you require car service in southeast London our team of qualified and highly skilled mechanics can carry out a wide range of mechanical services and have your car running in no time.

2. Car Servicing South East London

Our garage provides expert advice and quality assured car servicing south east London. We understand our customer’s wants and offer fast, friendly, and efficient car service, with competitive pricing. We also offer quality assured services for the following:

  • Air conditioning recharging
  • Diagnostics
  • Repairs of tyres South East London
  • Wheel alignment
  • Cosmetic damage repairs
  • Exhaust
  • Batteries

3. MOT Servicing South East London

It is very important that your car passes its MOT servicing in South East London and must be carried out annually. The MOT Test ensures that vehicles are in a safe condition and have all the roadworthy requirements at the time test is carried out.

  • Air conditioning servicing and recharging
  • Windscreen repairs to full servicing
  • 4 Wheel alignment equipment

Our experienced team of mechanics at Micks Garage uses a wide range of methods to test your car. After internal and external examinations, we are able to identify what parts are required or necessary.

4. Brakes South East London

Brakes are, of course, vital to your vehicle and it is important that they are always working to full capacity. We test your brakes to ensure your safety while on the road as well as supplying and fitting new when required of brakes south east London. It is important that you get your brakes checked if you have any doubts with regards to their condition. As we are all aware that in car repair the most vital component is brakes. Having regular checks of brakes south east London can eliminate higher costs and keep safety at the highest possible level. We only fit high-quality braking components and warranty anything we do to your car, so you can rest assured that along with your pocket, you and your passengers are safe.

5. Clutch Repair South East London

The clutch is an element that can become easily worn and it is important to get it changed as quickly as possible to avoid causing other damage and to ensure your car safety. At Micks Garage the mechanics would supply your clutch repair South East London at a competitive price to make sure you do not risk damaging your gearbox or compromise your safety. If you’re worried that there might be something wrong with your clutch, it is important to seek advice and assistance from experts. We will be happy to check the clutch on your car to see whether it is in good condition or whether it needs replacing.

6. Tyres South East London

Having your tyres checked on a regular basis is very important. A good set of tyres is what will assure your car safely and not getting it checked could lead to serious problems. Our mechanics are fully trained and committed to maintaining your tyres south east London in an expert and cost-effective manner. Along with providing tyres South East London Micks Garage also caters to servicing wheel alignment, balancing, and punctures repairs.

Everything we do is built around the same philosophy, to repair your vehicle with the least amount of inconvenience. We handle and maintain your car repair keeping you informed every step of the way.